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Wedding favor Presonalized Honey Jars gold

( 1/goldk/MD )
2.00 GBP

wedding favors Personalized Honey Jar

( 03/geom/MD )
1.50 GBP

wedding favors small bottle hangover kit

( 3/sea/but )
1.90 GBP

Wedding Thank You favors Personalized Tea Bag

( 3/sea/te )
1.00 GBP

wedding favor ideas engraved tag

( 01/drx/wt )
1.10 GBP

Wedding Thank You Favor Chocolate Personalized Wedding gift

( 01/GN/t )
1.00 GBP

Wedding Thank You Favor Chocolate Personalized

( 01/greenPi/t )
1.00 GBP

wedding favors personalised tags

( 1/LACEGOLD/t )
1.00 GBP

wedding favor personalized tags and labels

( 1/laceN/t )
0.70 GBP

wedding favor custom made tags

( 09/calligraphy/t )
0.70 GBP

Wedding Thank You favors personalized boxes and tags

( 100a/CG/b )
1.50 GBP

wedding Favors cupcakes personalized boxes

( 01/rux/b )
1.60 GBP

wedding Favors personalized box with tag

( 3/LACEE/B )
1.60 GBP

wedding favor custom made boxes

( 4/LACEE/b )
1.60 GBP

wedding favor personalized boxes for cupcake

( 100/CG/b )
1.50 GBP

wedding favors personalized box and tag

( 200/CG/b )
1.50 GBP

wedding favor ideas personalized boxes for cupcake

( 300/CG/b )
1.50 GBP

Wedding Thank You favors Glamour Rose Gold Bag

2.20 GBP

Wedding Favor gifts Lace Satin Bag

( 01/st/bg )
1.10 GBP

wedding favor ideas Natural Linen bags

( 11/lnset/bg )
149.30 GBP

wedding Favors linen rustic bags

( 3/ln/bg )
1.60 GBP

wedding favors shabby chic bag

( 3/lnset/bg )
134.30 GBP

wedding favor Rustic Favor bags

( 1/laceN/bg )
1.90 GBP

wedding favor

( 26/CALLIGRAPHY/box )
3.70 GBP

Send your guests home with unique wedding favor bag. Wedding favor bags and tags are a lovely small details which will complete your wedding table. Personalised wedding favour bags are a perfect idea for a gift. Favour bags and tags for a wedding can be customized with your colors. Great for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, wedding receptions, bridesmaids and more.